Whitney Catoe, MA, LMHC

Whitney Catoe, MA, LMHC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Hey everyone! My name’s Whitney. I’m a Florida-based Licensed Mental Health Counselor & nationwide Mental Health Coach. I’m here to support you in overcoming the emotional and mental health challenges you may face along your healing journey.

I believe that mental wellbeing is the root of all potential—positive or negative. I strive to guide my clients into alignment with their authentic selves, so you can feel comfortable, connected, and at-home in your body both physically and emotionally.

My focus is on attachment theory and somatic psychotherapy—AKA, understanding how we relate to those around us and learning to get into our body. Our nervous system plays a vital role in optimizing wellness, and when we stay in a state of dysregulation, we’re unable to physically function at our optimal level.

By using these types of therapy to understand our family history, relationship history, attachment style, and somatic techniques, we can take a holistic approach to healing both our bodies and our minds.

When we work together, we’ll look at your personal attachment style, patterns, and behaviors and figure out how these may connect to the health issues you’re experiencing. We’ll focus on helping you build a secure attachment within yourself and translating that to other realms of your life.

We’ll also practice finding and creating safety within your body, as well as finding the right resources and support to help you regulate and navigate stress throughout your healing journey.

I believe that when we can truly understand our emotions and important mental health characteristics, we can then use them to propel ourselves forward. I’m here to help you create meaningful change in your life & develop mental health habits that serve you in creating the healthy, full life you desire.

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