Krystin Mullinax

Krystin Mullinax

Integrative Health Practitioner

Hi friends! I’m Krystin Mullinax—an Integrative Health Practitioner in the Taylored Wellbeing community. My healing journey actually began in this exact program. I started working with Taylor Sappington in 2020—and in just 120 days, my entire life transformed.

Learning to support my body and mind through integrative health completely changed the way I thought about my health. I felt more supported and heard in this program than I ever had with any other health professional.

At the time, I’d been working in the hair industry for 11 years…and I started to notice my conversations with clients changing. Instead of the usual chit chat, I felt drawn to share words of healing—to empower my clients and help them understand their path in life.

It didn’t take long to realize that it was time for an exciting turn in my own path. I left the hair industry and decided to pursue Integrative Health not just as a way of life, but as a profession.

Today, I’m committed to helping people heal their bodies from the inside out. My passion lies in helping clients understand the mind-body connection—because no matter what Western medicine may have told you, it’s not “all in your head.”

You CAN heal. You can feel at home in your body. And I’m so excited to support you on your journey!

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