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"I am grateful for a body that works because for a while, it wasn't working."

"My biggest win is feeling like I am in my own body again."

"I don't think anyone else could help me the way Taylor has helped me.”

When was the last time your body...felt like your body?

Beep beep beep beep …. Your alarm blares, signaling the start of a new day. You hit snooze two or three times, mindlessly swipe through a few notifications on your phone, and drag yourself out of bed.

Bleary-eyed and half-asleep, you trudge towards the kitchen to consume the minimum viable amount of caffeine you’ll need to tackle your morning to-do list.

Your bones ache (aren’t you too young for back pain??) and you feel like you could sleep for five more hours, easily … But at least there’s coffee.

As a woman in the prime of her life, you know you’re supposed to be excited about the day ahead of you.

You always thought your 20s and 30s would be full of incredible career opportunities, adventures around the world, thrilling romances, fulfilling passion projects ...

But that couldn’t be further from your reality.

Third cup of coffee in hand, you choose a (mostly) clean blouse and your least wrinkled trousers from the stack of laundry you’ve been too exhausted to fully put away.

You pull the blouse over your head easily enough, but sliding the pants over your hips gives you pause. Despite the fact that you swear you just wore these, they won’t button. UGH.

You check your calendar app and realize that your period should be starting in the next few days…

Which explains the bloating and the horrific mood you’re in—and also suggests that this intense discomfort you’re feeling will probably derail your next week or so.


Flopping backwards onto your mattress, you use your small supply of energy to force your zipper closed. Finally, you stand up, fully dressed, seemingly victorious … Only to catch sight of your reflection.

Your body looks puffy. Your skin is sallow. Your hair, flat. Your eyes … Drained.

Who even is that woman in the mirror??

Defeated, you grab your keys and head to work, your brain still swirling in fog. The bright morning light makes your skull throb.

Your stomach is gurgling and churning uncomfortably. Your eyes strain to focus on the road.

And for the millionth morning in a row, you ask yourself …

“Is this really all I can expect out of my life?”

Every day, millions of young women experience chronic pain, mood swings, extreme fatigue, digestive discomfort, depression, and anxiety …

...And are led to believe that it’s completely normal.

But deep down, you already know...

Being so tired that you don’t know how you’ll get through the day …

Feeling like you have ZERO control over your weight or body composition ...

Suffering through painful, unpredictable menstrual symptoms every single month…

Having to immediately locate the nearest bathroom every time you leave the house ...

Experiencing crippling self-doubt, explosive emotional shifts, or paralyzing emptiness …

None of that is normal.

You deserve to show up fully for your life. To stay up a little too late, laugh a little too loud, and make thousands of incredible memories …

… But you can’t do that when you’re constantly sick, tired, and overwhelmed.

Take a Deep Breath

There Is a Better Way…

I know—because I tried.

10 years ago, I thought my life was ending before it had really even gotten started.

I was sick, exhausted, and unhappy. My body felt foreign, and I’d completely lost control over my health.

But I found the secret—a simple, safe, effective way to RESET my body, RESTORE my health, and RECLAIM control over my fate ...

Hey there!

I’m Taylor Sappington—an Integrative Health Practitioner who specializes in helping women achieve better health using the tools Mother Nature gave us.

But before I was a thriving business owner or an active young mom, I was a burnt out, chronically ill woman in a fight for my life …

… And I was losing.

The story starts in my early 20s. I went to school to become a dietitian, jumped through all the hoops, and landed the fancy hospital job I thought I wanted ... only to realize that I’d chosen the wrong path.

I loved helping people better their health, but I hated how the modern “Health Care Machine” treated people (pun intended). I realized quickly that the system didn’t align with my personal values, but I didn’t know what to do about it.

Around that same time, I started experiencing near-constant, chronic pain … Despite the fact that—according to my doctors, at least—I was perfectly healthy. Every specialist I saw said:

“Your blood work looks normal. Try eating cleaner and working out!”

But I was a dietician! I KNEW that my …

  • Swollen feet
  • Horrific nightmares
  • Chronic pain
  • Insomnia
  • Random outbreaks of hives
  • Newly onset symptoms of OCD
  • Inability to focus

...were NOT a product of needing to cut carbs or hit the gym. (Even now, that sounds totally ridiculous, right??)

For a while, rage consumed me. This was NOT the life I wanted … and yet, I felt so stuck.

So helpless.

Long story short, I eventually realized it was going to be up to me to find my own answers.

So I took everything I’d learned while training to be a dietitian, coupled that with my natural curiosity, and started digging deeper . . .

What I learned is that we as a

society have over-complicated health.

Many of our most common health concerns can be addressed from within—not by going on a crash diet and spending hours on a treadmill, but by eliminating toxicity and focusing on natural, personal, progressive health strategies.

So I started making changes in my own life … And for the first time in years, I started feeling better. My pain subsided. A little at a time, my energy and clarity returned.

Eventually, I managed to regain control over my health. I even got a diagnosis (Lyme, three co-infections, EB, CFS, Fibro, Sprue, and mycotoxicity—yikes!) that empowered me to truly take my life back, once and for all.

Ten years ago, I realized my passion for helping other women who’ve been let down by the Healthcare Machine.

For the last decade, I’ve helped patients reclaim their health using a variety of naturopathic, functional, and integrative health programs.

And if you’re here because you understand the pain and frustration I experienced a little too well … I’m committed to helping you break free, too.

Imagine Waking Up Every Morning Feeling Naturally Energized, Strong & Ready to Engage With Your Life

Increase Your

Energy Naturally

Enhance Your

Mental Clarity

Feel Like

YOU Again

Melt Stubborn


Enjoy More Restful,

Regular Sleep













Learn to Communicate

With Your Body


Scary Drugs or





Time Commitments

"For the first time in

14 years, I'm sleeping."

"I'm most grateful for

my renewed sense of self."

"I am most proud of my mental health and how my perspective has changed."

"Overall, Taylor is there for me. Being able to feel seen and heard when it comes to your health problems is a major help for me."

No More …

  • Getting Treated Like an Inconvenience By Medical Professionals.
  • Being Told Your Pain Is “Unexplainable” or “Psychosomatic.”
  • Googling Your Symptoms Until 3 A.M.
  • Feeling Like You Can’t Afford the Quality of Care You Really Need

You CAN Feel Okay Again.

Your Journey Starts Here...


The Taylored Transition: 20 Days

to a Healthier, Happier Life

Restore Balance, Regain Your Energy, & Feel Like YOU Again!

The Self-Paced Course That Can Take You From Struggling, Overwhelmed, & Defeated to Energized, Reinvigorated, & Hopeful … In Less Than 3 Weeks!

What You’ll Learn

Get Instant Access to 20 Video Trainings + Accompanying PDF Resources

That Show You Step-By-Step How To …

Naturally Increase Your Energy

No more guzzling 3+ cups of coffee just to stay awake, downing sugary soda for an afternoon pick-me-up, or slogging your way through sugar crashes! I’ll teach you how to boost your energy naturally through basic principles like movement, real nutrition, and rest.

Sleep More Restfully

Did you know that approximately 30% of people struggle with chronic insomnia? Whether you’re struggling to fall asleep, stay asleep, or just feel recharged after having slept, I’ll show you how to improve your quality of rest and wake up feeling refreshed.

Monitor Your Gut Health

Digestion isn’t a glamorous subject of conversation … But it’s absolutely CRUCIAL to maintaining good health! I’ll teach you how to diagnose your gut health and pay attention to the signals your body is trying to send you, so you can regulate your digestion and eliminate bloat.

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Rev Up Your Immune System

As the saying goes, our greatest wealth is our health. Supporting your immune system is a vital part of maintaining a healthy, disease-free life. I’ll show you how to eat, move, and live to more mindfully support strong immunity.

Detoxify Your System

So many of the substances we interact with on a daily basis can leave our systems out of whack. From chemically treated produce, to hormone-injected meat, to synthetic beauty products, there are SO many factors that could be impacting your body’s most basic systems. I’ll help you figure out where toxins might be getting into your system, and help you determine a strategy for cleaning out your system over time.

Detect & Adapt to Food Allergies, Sensitivities, & Intolerances

We hear a lot about “gluten free” this and “lactose free” that … But what if there was actually a method to the madness? I’ll walk you through my process for figuring out whether any of the foods you’re consuming could be to blame for your health issues. Plus, I’ll teach you how to rotate foods to diagnose sensitivities.

Decrease Inflammation

From chronic pain, to unflattering redness and puffiness, inflammation is the culprit behind MANY of our greatest wellness woes. I’ll show you how to reduce inflammation naturally and keep it gone for good

Restore Internal Balance

You know what’s best for your body. But if you’re ready to wean yourself off of birth control or long-term medication, you might be looking for support. This course will give you the basic knowledge you need to restore your body’s natural balance and rhythms.

Decrease Inflammation

From chronic pain, to unflattering redness and puffiness, inflammation is the culprit behind MANY of our greatest wellness woes. I’ll show you how to reduce inflammation naturally and keep it gone for good

Lose Weight Permanently

Traditional medical knowledge tells us that weight loss occurs when we eat less and exercise more. Sometimes, that’s true. But for a lot of women, toxins, imbalance, and chronic dis-ease might be to blame. Weight loss isn’t our main focus for this program, but the positive changes you make in other areas of your life can help you get your hormones in check, lose stubborn fat and finally keep the weight off for good.

PLUS, You’ll Also Discover...

  • The importance of bio-individualization of diet.
  • The dynamic nutritive needs of the body and how to anticipate and expect change.
  • What a food sensitivity looks like physically, and how to rotate and reintroduce foods in response to potential sensitivities.
  • What weakened digestion looks like, and how to strengthen it.
  • How you can use your trips to the bathroom as biofeedback to assess bodily function.
  • The role and importance of the detoxification process and what it looks like in real life.
  • Sneaky sources of stress and the body's response to it.
  • How breathing determines our quality of digestion & response to life.
  • Why we need a good night's sleep and what many of us are doing to unknowingly interrupt it.
  • Lifestyle hacks that support long-term health and happiness.

...and more!

What Other Women Are Saying...

Get IN TUNE with your body’s needs.

Learn to BALANCE your body’s intricate systems.

REGAIN your confidence & feel COMFORTABLE in your skin.

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The Taylored Transition: 20 Days

to a Healthier, Happier Life

Restore Balance, Regain YourEnergy, & Feel Like YOU Again!

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  • What a Food Sensitivity Looks Like Physically & How to Rotate and Reintroduce Foods in Response (Valued $37)
  • Weakened Digestion: What it Looks Like and How to Strengthen It (Valued $37)
  • How you can use your trips to the bathroom as part of the biofeedback to asses bodily function (Valued $37)
  • How You Can Use Trips to the Bathroom as Biofeedback to Assess Bodily Function (Valued $37)
  • Sneaky Sources of Stress and the Body's Response to It (Valued $37)
  • Breathing and how it determines the quality of digestion and response to life (Valued $37)
  • Why We Need a Good Night's Sleep & What Many of us Are Doing to Unknowingly Interrupt It (Valued $37)
  • Lifestyle Hacks that Support Long-Term Health & Happiness (Valued $37)

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